nyam thag

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sdug bsngal nyam thag - weary of suffering [RY]

Syn nyam thag pa [RY]

ma nus nyam thag - the weary and the helpless [RY]

tormented, worn out, suffer, humble, lowly, weak, misery, misfortune [JV]

1) saddening, depressing 2) poverty; sdug bsngal nyam thag suffering and poverty [RY]

1) wretched, poor, pathetic, tormented, degenerate, stricken, helpless, worried, pitiable; 3) exhausted, weary; 4) misery, misfortune, suffering [IW]

downtrodden, suffering oppression (by something or someone), oppressed, subjugated, persecuted, repressed, tyrannized, ground down, crushed, burdened, weighed down, exploited, disadvantaged, underprivileged, victimized, bullied, browbeaten, under the heel, powerless, helpless, prostrate, abused, misused, maltreated, ill-treated, weary, worn out, exhausted, wretched, pathetic, tormented, stricken down, destitute (due to something or someone), etc. (short form of nyam thag pa) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]