nyams chags

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transgression, corruption, decline, decrement [JV]

corruption, violation [IW]

Syn nyams chag [RY]

transgression, corruption, decline, decrement, impairments & breaches [JV]

1) transgressions of violation, impairments of violation, damages of violation, breaches of violation, transgressions of corruption, impairments of corruptions, damages of corruption, breaches of corruption, transgressions of degeneration, impairments of degeneration, damages of degeneration, breaches of degeneration; 2) transgressions and violations, impairments and violations, breaches and violations, transgressions and corruptions, impairments and corruptions, damages and corruptions, breaches and corruptions, transgressions and degenerations, impairments and degenerations, damages and degenerations, breaches and degenerations; 3) degenerative/degenerating violations, degenerative/degenerating corruptions, degenerative/degenerating impairments, degenerative/degenerating breaches, transgressive/transgressing violations, impairing violations, damaging violations, breaching violations, transgressive/transgressing corruptions, impairing corruptions, damaging corruptions, breaching corruptions, transgressive/transgressive degenerations, impairing degenerations, damaging degenerations, breaching degenerations (in reference to the breaking of, or failure to adhere to, vows or commitments). Also spelled nyams chag) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]