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1) Lkog gam rgyab [Sgo phag nas bltas pa,.Gyang gi phag tu mi zhig yibs nas bsdad 'dug]; 2) pig [one of the lo 'khor bcu gnyis] [IW]

1) hidden. 2) sow, swine, hog, pig [RY]

1) concealed, secret, hidden part, interstice; 2) behind; 3) pig, hog, pig; 4) bricks [IW]

swine [RY]

swine, hog, pig [in the manner of a pig who eats everything without discerning purity and impurity, are the discipline and conduct of sameness, without accepting and rejecting the five sacramental substances - sgo phag crack in a door bag ma'i phag- embrace of the bride [IW]

pig, that which is hidden or secret, that which lies in between, hidden part, interstice, 1 of 12 dus tshod [JV]