phrin las

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enlightened activity; activity ritual. (RB)

enlightened activity. [thd]

actions, enlightened activity, buddha activity, karma, act[ion[, sadhana text. (IW)

Practice Manual; sm. bkol byang, sgrub thabs. (RY)

1) actions (about Dharmapalas), activity, enlightened activity; enlightened activity; enlightened activity, Buddha activity [about great guru], karma [the four karmas], act [enjoin them to ~]. action, act, karma phrin las bzhi.buddha activity." act, the four karmas. 2) sadhana text. Syn sgrub thabs. Syn las byang; activity ritual. (RY)

actions, enlightened activity, buddha activity, karma, act, sadhana text [[[phrin las bzhi]] is translated "karma" since it is the practice of the four karmas by practitioners rather than by buddhas in referring to the action of a guru it would be translated as "buddha activity" - ; sm las byang. mdzad spyod kyi 'phro 'du. (IW)

activity, actions, SA 'phrin las, enlightened activity, request for the desired act, spiritual activity, spiritual activities. (JV)