phyag na rdo rje

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Vajrapani. 'Vajra Bearer.' wielder of the vajra. One of the eight great bodhisattvas and the chief compiler of the Vajrayana teachings. Also known as 'Lord of Secrets.' [RY]

Vajrapani, one of the three main Bodhisattvas or Protectors (rigs gsum mgon po), manifesting in either a peaceful or a wrathful form [RY]

vajrapani (student of rdo rje 'chang, assoc. with mi bskyod pa, taught nagas, lha, gnod sbyin) [JV]

the bodhisattva Vajrapani, the vajra holder [RY]

the bodhisattva Vajrapani, the vajra holder [sangs rgyas thams cad kyi thugs kyi ngo bo gcig tu bsdus pa mthu stobs nus pa'i bdag nyid can phyag na mtson byed rdo rje bsnams pa, 1 of the nye ba'i sras chen brgyad [syn: mthu chen thob, mthu stobs bdag po, rdo rje can, rdo rje'i dbang phyag phyag rdor, lag na rdo rje, gsang ba'i rgyal, gsang ba'i bdag po, gsang ba 'dzin] [IW]

Vajrapāṇi [Erick Tsiknopoulos]