Pratimoksa Precepts

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so thar - Individual Liberation [RY]

so thar - pratimoksha [RY]

so thar - Individual Liberation, Pratimoksha, Vinaya, personal liberation. the vows of pious attendants [RY]

so thar rigs brgyad - the 'eight types of individual liberation' [vows]: {dge slong pha ma gnyis, dge tshul pha ma gnyis, dge slob ma, dge bsnyen pha ma gnyis,bsnyen gnas so} those of a fully ordained monk or nun, male or female novice, female candidate, male or female layperson, and the one-day vow [RY]

so thar ris brgyad - eight categories of precepts of individual emancipation [RY]

so thar ris brgyad - eight sets of individual liberation: 1) the eight fasting vows, taken for one day only; 2) and 3) the five vows of laymen and laywomen; 4) and 5) the vows of male and female novices; 6) additional vows taken by probationer nuns as a step towards becoming full nuns; 7) the discipline of the full nun, bhikshuni; 8) that of the full monk, bhikshu. [EPK] [RY]