rab rib

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indistinct, blurred, obscured, darkness, dimness, faintness, mist, glimmer, not clear, confused, troubled, mist, dimness, glimmer, twilight, dusk [JV]

1) cataracts; 2) unclear, blurred, dim, hazy, misty, dim [hard to see] befoggedness; 3) devious mind; 4) deceptive behavior; 4) shimmering; 5) optical illusion, hallucination; 6) false vision [IW]

rab rib pa visual aberration; to be visually impaired [RB]

hallucination; befoggedness, disease of the eye, cataract, a blur, shimmering, an optical illusion, a hallucination, false vision [seen due to an eye defect]. Syn hrab hrib hazy, unclear; This is a particular disease of the eye, quite common in the population at large. The protein of the aqueous humor starts to congeal and small threads or "floaters" appear as out-of-focus threads in the visual field. Furthermore, if the eye is moved up and down, they will settle due to the force of gravity giving the appearance of slowly falling hairs within the visual field [RY]