rab tu dga' ba

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the Joyful [1st bhumi] joyous [IW]

the Joyful. Joyous. Complete Joy. The first of the ten bhumis; superior joy; intense(ly) joy(ful) [RY]

the intensely joyful one/ intense joy [1st spiritual level/ bhumi] [RB]

joyous stage, the joyful one (level 1), supremely joyful state [JV]

were exceedingly happy [RY]

utter joy, total joy, intense joy, strong joy, powerful joy, vigorous joy, etc. (general term); 2) Utter Joy or Total Joy, the first (1st) Bodhisattva Level (bhūmi). Full form of rab dga' [Erick Tsiknopoulos]