ral pa

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drang srong rnams ral pa sa la tshar ro - the sages'coiled locks, which held their power, fell to the earth [RY]

See also dbu skra ral pa crest, matted or braided hair, long hair, lock, curl, mane; crest, matted or braided hair; break, tear, rent [RY]

1) [person w] long hair; 2) lock, curl; 3) mane; 4) crest; 5) matted/ braided hair; 6) 'khrab chas shig; 7) drums and cymbals rdung bzhin du skyes pa dang women mnyam du 'khrabs pa'i dance; 8) beggar [IW]

(locks of, clotted, long) hair, curls, lion mane, creeping parasitical plants, mane, long hair, matted hair [JV]

mgo la ral pa a long plait on my head [RY]

1) tresses, locks, curls, ringlets; 2) curling tresses, curling locks, curling ringlets; 3) dreadlocks, matted tresses, matted locks, matted curls, matted ringlets; 4) plaits, braids, braided plaits, braided tresses, braided locks, braided curls, braided ringlets; 5) coiling tresses, coiling locks, coiling curls, coiling ringlets [Erick Tsiknopoulos]