rang rgyal

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1) our/ my kingdom; 2) 1's own victory; 3) victory over 1self [be victorious over others, conquer others then 1self]; 3) [solitary realizer[s]/ conqueror/ enlightened one, self[-centred] buddha] pratyekabuddha [IW]

1) our/my kingdom; 2) be victorious over others, conquer others than 1self; 3) solitary realizer[s]/ conqueror/ enlightened 1, self[-centered] buddha, pratyekabuddha [IW]

Pratyekabuddha, rang sangs rgyas. 'Solitarily Enlightened One.' A Hinayana Arhat who attains Nirvana chiefly through contemplation on the twelve links of dependent origination in reverse order, without needing teachings in that lifetime. He lacks the complete realization of a buddha and so cannot benefit limitless sentient beings as a buddha does [RY]

self-realized victor [RY]

rang sangs rgyas pratyekabuddha/ solitary buddha [RB]

pratyekabuddha, private buddha, solitary realizer, to live after one's own option, self-willed, obstinacy, SA rang sangs rgyas, silent buddhas, our country, solitary sage [JV]

solitary sage; Syn rang sangs rgyas [RY]

solitary sages, the self-centered buddhas. pratyekabuddha, solitary conqueror / realizer, Pratyekabuddha; rang sangs rgyas solitary realizer[s]. self-centered buddha. pratyekabuddha, self-buddha, solitary enlightened one. pratyekabuddha/ solitary buddha [RY]