rdul phran

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[minute] particle, atom, molecule, particle the size of 7 rdul phra rab, dust, powder types in the realm of desire [IW]

atom; iota; minute particle, atom, molecule, 2) particle, [in Abhidharma: size of 7 rdul phra rab, dust, powder. types in the Realm of Desire particle; molecule, particle, [size of 7 rdul phra rab]; dust, powder [RY]

atom; iota [RB]

minute particle, particle [RY]

particle [thd]

small particle, minutest particle, atom, nuclear, physical matter, atom [JV]

Molecules DKC


Small particles of matter composed of the eight substances (the four sources of earth, water, fire and air, and the four source-derived of form, smell, taste, and touch). Molecules are said to be seven times larger than atoms. Compare with atom (rdul phra rab) DKC