rgol ba

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to dispute/ argue [RB]

attack, dispute, opponent, antagonist [RY]

rgol ba, brgal ba, brgal ba, rgol trans. v.; 1) to dispute, argue; quarrel, threaten, endanger; oppose. 2) debate, contest, dispute; party; controversy, party [in debate], fight, attack, objection; criticism. Opposition, antagonist [RY]

1) (Tha dad pa brgal ba, brgal ba, rgol!,, quarrel, argue, fight, debate, dispute, controversy, party [in debate], fight, attack, objection [IW]

adversary, attack, dispute, opponent, [thd]

attack, defy, dispute, combat, fight, make controversy, objection [JV]

1) opposition, opponent, antagonism, antagonist, adversity, adversary; 2) to oppose, antagonize, be adversarial; 3) disputation, refutation, argument, quarrel, fight, debate, contest, contention, controversy, objection, criticism, defiance; 4) to dispute, refute, argue, fight, debate, contest, contend, controvert, object, criticize, defy [Erick Tsiknopoulos]