rim gnyis

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Two stages. 'development stage' and 'completion stage.' [RY]

two stages, The creation stage bskyed rim or utpattikrama. and the perfection stage rdzogs rim or sampanna krama. of meditation according to the vehicles of tantra [RY]

two stages of tantra meditation [creation/bskyed rim / utpattikrama and perfection, rdzogs rim, sampanna krama] [IW]

two stages of tantra meditation [IW]

the two stages dvikrama [1) developing and completion stages of mantrayana utpattikrama/ sampannakrama sngags lam gyi bskyed rim, rdzogs rim OR two Stages of the Path, according to Mah yoga: The path of skillful means thabs lam and the path of liberation grol lam [IW]