rkang pa

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"leg", one-fourth of a cha chung or sor; 1) a foot, leg, thigh, feet, lower part, stem, stalk, verse. 2) pillar, foot, base, foundation. 3) a verse line. 4) "leg", a measurement, one-fourth of a cha chung or sor. used in tangka painting. 5) a line of poetry. 2) aspects [in astrology] [RY]

1) feet, [hind] legs (= bgrod byed, rgyu byed, zhabs); 2) support (zam pa'i rkang pa,...rkub stegs kyi rkang pa); 3) line of verse 4) (met) khrums month; 5) 1/4 (6) astr step (rkang pa'i 'phel 'grib,...snga rkang phyi rkang,...rgyu skar gyi rkang pa) [IW]

1) feet, [hind] legs, thigh, lower part, stem, stalk (= bgrod byed, rgyu byed, zhabs); 2) pillar, foot, base, foundation, support; 3) line of verse four khrums month; 5) 1/4; 6) astr step; 7) "leg", a measurement, 1/4 cha chung or sor used in thangka painting [IW]

foot, feet, leg, thigh, base, a line of verse, hind leg of quadruped, lower part, lower end, metrical line, verse, foundation, leg with the foot, foot, leg [JV]

foot [RB]