rkyang ma

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left-hand pathway, SA 'dzin gyi rlung, pingala, kyangma, left solar nostril for males [JV]

left channel, lalana, kyangma [one of the three chief nadis in the body [In males the left channel] [IW]

kyangma nadi [white element etc. water element supporting principal nadi, in men rigt and women left relative white bindu 'gyu bar byed la having the nature of upaya, white colored] [IW]

lalana/ left lateral channel [RB]

[lalana]. kyangma, one of the three chief nadis in the body. [In males the left channel]; the left channel; n. of an artery [RY]

plain channel DKC

1) complete, total; 2) single, alone, each; 3) prose, writing; 4) extended, spread; 5) alone, only; 6) simple, single [used to describe a letter which forms a syllable by itself w/o other prefixed superscribed, subjoined, or suffixed letters] free, unencumbered, unemployed; 7) left channel, lalana, kyangma [IW]