rkyen bzhi'i 'khrul pa

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four conditions of bewilderment [IW]

four conditions of bewilderment [the causal condition 1) (rgyu'i rkyen) which is the three interrelated aspects of ignorance the referential condition; 2) (dmigs pa'i skyen) which is the appearances, the possessive condition; 3) (bdag pa'i rkyen) which is the ego and the immediate condition 4) (lta da'i rkyen) which is their present conjunction] [IW]

four conditions of bewilderment. The causal condition 1) rgyu'i rkyen. the referential condition. 2) dmigs pa'i rkyen. the possessive condition 3) bdag pa'i rkyen. and the immediate condition 4) lta da'i rkyen [RY]