rnam par byang ba

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complete refinement (of being); completely refined [RB]

complete purification, [opp of kun nas nyon mongs pa, implies liberation or nirvana] purity [IW]

1) good health; 2) purified by familiarity; 3) completely liberated [IW]

1) gtsang sbra dag pa'am goms byang song ba; 2) Rnam par grol ba [IW]

complete purification [opp of kun nas nyon mongs pa purity, implies liberation/ nirvana] [IW]

complete purification, * purity [IW]

totally purified dimension [JV]

perfection, complete purification, purity,[opp. of kun nas nyon mongs pa. implies liberation or nirvana [RY]

complete refinement of being; completely refined; fully trained; mastery [RY]