rnam par bzhag pa

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establishment, good arrangement [JV]

defined kun 'byung gi bden pa zhes su rnam par bzhag go defined as the 'truth of origin' [RY]

detailed classification [RB]

to present, represent, presentation, arrangement [RY]

to constitute [RY]

present, represent, presentation, arrangement [IW]

1) (verb) to fully present/constitute/posit/define/classify, completely present/constitute/posit/define/classify, present/constitute/posit/define/classify in detail; 2) (noun) full presentation/constitution/positing/definition/classification, complete presentation/constitution/positing/definition/classification, detailed presentation/constitution/positing/definition/classification. Contrary to popular belief, the prefix rnam par is an important element of this term. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]