rngams pa

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covetous, majestic [IW]

coveting, majestic; violent, ardent [RY]

wonder, surprise, pathos in music, yearn [JV]

dkor la rngams pa - to crave for misused religious wealth [RY]

1) awe-inspiring, awesome, amazing, stunning, stupendous, astonishing, extraordinary, incredible; 2) magnificent, spectacular, dazzling, stirring, marvelous, wondrous; 3) formidable, imposing, impressive, striking, arresting, dramatic, staggering, stunning, remarkable; 4) splendid, grand, majestic, august, lofty, stately, dignified, resplendent; 5) terrifying, fearsome; 6) ferocious, savage, violent; 7) thickness, depth or height. See also rngams, rngam and rngam pa [Erick Tsiknopoulos]