rong pa gter ston bdud 'dul gling pa

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Rongpa Terton Dudul Lingpa

Brief Biography

  • 17th cent. - Rongpa Terton Dudul Lingpa, the former incarnation of Tekchen Lingpa [RY]
  • 17th cent. - Dudul Lingpa, Rongpa Terton [RY]

Many discoverers of revealed teachings, terton, have been used in the political intrigue that prevailed in central Tibet and throughout the Tibetan lands. Many were the prophets who paid with their lives for their political prophecies. Cases like the strangulation of the prophet Rongpa Dudul Lingpa and the execution of Drugdra Dorje are not so rare.


One of the most remarkable prophecies is a sort of historical recounting of Guru Padmasambhava's assessment of the "future" history of Tibet. There is little doubt in my mind that it is from the rediscoveries of Ronpa Terton Dundul Lingpa (17th century).
He was a student of Terdag Lingpa Gyurme Dorje (1646-1717). Out of the many volumes of his revelations only his teachings of Tara in the form Jigpa Kunkyob survive because of the efforts of Jamyang Kyentse Wangpo (1820-1892). Dudul Lingpa, who must have been executed between 1707-1721, ends his long historical prophecy:

de sog spyod ngan rgyal khams 'khengs:
shing spre bya la bod rje 'khrug:
bod kyi bde skyid lha sa ru:
dam srid skyod nas khrims gcod byed:
A rough translation is:
Mongols of wicked conduct will fill the realm,
In the Wood Monkey/Wood Bird year [1704-1705] the realm will come into turmoil.
The demons of plague will move to Lhasa, the joy of Tibet, and the rule of law will be broken.Gene Smith

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