sa skya

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1) white/ light earth; 2) sa skya rdzong (/; 2) Sakya school [IW]

Sakya school [RY]

The seat of the Sakya school sa skya, founded in 1073 by Könchok Gyalpo of the Khön clan. Its main temple, the impressive Great Emanated Temple (sprul pa'i gtsug lag khang chen mo), was erected in 1268 and is the only building, among over a hundred temples in Sakya's monastic complex, which survived the Cultural Revolution. [MR] [RY]

county in 21th cent Tibet. [RY]

pandita, b.1182, grey earth, a monastery [JV]

1) Sakya. One of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It was established in the eleventh century by Drogmi Lotsawa ('brog mi lo tsa ba), a disciple of the Indian master Virupa. 2) Sakya; The seat of the Sakya school, Sakya was founded by Könchok Gyalpo of the powerful Khön family, in 1073 [RY]

SA Eight chariots of the practice lineages (sgrub brgyud shing rta brgyad)