sbyor lam

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sbyor ba'i lam path of application/ linking phase [RB]

prayogamarga, link-up stage, path of practical application, (4 phases are warmth, peak heat, acceptance, supreme heat), path of preparation, path of juncture, path of connection [JV]

path of unification/ connection/ preparation/ joining/ reaching/ application/ linking [IW]

path of preparation [RY]

path of joining. the path of application, [prayoga marga]; path of application; path of unification, connection. path of connections. path of preparation, the / reaching / application / the linking stage. [2nd of lam lnga has four parts. drod, rtse mo, bzod pa, chos kyi mchog [RY]

Path of joining. The second of the five paths on which one grows closer to and joins with the realization of the truth of reality [RY]