sdig pa ci yang mi bya ste

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sdig pa ci yang mi bya ste //
dge ba phun sum tshogs par spyad //
rang gi sems ni yongs su gdul //
’di ni sangs rgyas bstan pa yin //

Do not commit any sin whatsoever.
But practice total virtue.
Throughly tame/subdue your own thoughts [mind].
This is the Buddha's teaching.

Some consider this to be the 'hard core' of the Buddha's Vinaya teaching (and therefore an 'essence verse' that can stand in place of the whole Vinaya... That's why it can be used as a kind of dharani for sanctifying works of art, etc.). I believe it occurs in the Udanavarga (or Dharmapada), but chances are it's really from one of the Vinaya texts. Dan Martin