sgrol ba

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to free [RY]

(tha dad pa bsgral ba, bsgral ba, sgrol,, 1) liberate, bring out, set free, rescue, deliver; 2) kill, execute, * destroy; 3) expel; 4) [arch] Skol ba [boil?]; 5) Zhu ba [melt?]; 6) liberation offering [IW]

ppafi: sgrol ba, bsgral ba, bsgral ba, sgrol tha dad pa; 1a) freedom, liberation, 1b) to liberate. to rescue, deliver, save; 2) Gana/ liberation of evil-doers; rites of deliverance; liberation offering [RY]

to carry across; 'khor ba'i chu bo las sgrol ba to carry across the river of cyclic life [RY]

bsgral ba to liberate [RB]

loosen, deliver, save, rescue, set free, transport, carry, cross by boat, remove, expel, drive away, rites of deliverance, magical rituals employed to slay other beings, rites of elimination of evil entities [JV]