sgyur ba

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change, transform, translate, alter, correct, revise, cast aside, dissuade, divert, turn, cause to turn, govern, steer, control, multiply, become, SA 'gyur ba, transformation [JV]

beguiling * (tha dad pa bsgyur pa, bsgyur ba, sgyur,, 1) gzhi roll back and forth; 2) tr; 3) multiply; 4) change, transform, transmute, transmuting, alter turn into; 5) times, -fold; 6) bring under control, rule; 7) affect; 8) sgyur ba! [IW]

transformation; to transform; sgyur ba, bsgyur pa, bsgyur ba, sgyur trans. v.; to transform [RY]

to alter [RY]