skor ba

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(Tha dad pa bskor ba, bskor ba, skor,, 1) turn, revolve, spin, circle, whirl, go/ cycle, rotate, move around, go [home], move,; 2) surround, encircle, enclose, [besiege]; 3) make the rounds of, encircle, circumambulate; 4) wander through, roam about; 5) round shape; 6) cycle of teachings; 7) make a turn; 8) revolution [IW]

to surround; to circumambulate [RB]

I) 1) round, cycle. 2) cycle of teachings. 3) circumambulation, round. II) - bskor ba / bskor ba / skor. - 1) to spin, circle, whirl, revolve, go / turn / cycle, rotate, move around, go home, to go, move, ride round a thing. 2) to surround, make the rounds of, encircle, enclose, besiege, circumambulate, make a turn. 3) wander through, roam; skor ba, bskor ba, bskor ba, skor trans. v [RY]

circumambulation [RB]

encircle, surround, move round, turn, turn a wheel, revolve, wheel, rotating, fill with, enclose, besiege, come again and again, traverse, ride round a thing, reverential ceremony of circumambulation, to walk around something [JV]