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medicine, physic, remedy, medicinal herb [RY]

remedy; x chos la sman gyi 'du shes bskyed par bya'o you should think of the Dharma as the remedy [RY]

nectar medicine, amrita; herbal ingredients, to help, medicinal, medicine, drug, healing, medical, herb, beneficial, helpful, amrita, remedy [RY]

she-demons worshipped by common folk, herbs, medicine, drug, benefit, use, good, physic, medicinal balm, 1 of sde brgyad [JV]

herb[al ingredients], spices, med., drug, healing, [be] beneficial/ helpful, help, amrita, remedy, chemical pesticide/ disinfectant [IW]

bdud rtsi sman - Amrita [RY]

medications; x sman dang sman yig medications and prescriptions [RY]