spong ba

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(Tha dad pa spangs pa, spang ba, spongs,, 1) abandon[ing], reject[ion], renounc[ing]; 2) [arch] kindness [IW]

relinquishing [RY]

effort, abandon, renounce, leave, deliver up, reject, throw out, eliminate, dispel, avoid, denounce, quit, relinquish, shun [JV]

spong ba, spangs pa, spang ba, spongs trans. v.; abandoning, rejection, renounce, abandon, to give up, to declare off, to renounce, to shun, abstain from, to remove, to suppress, eradicate, abandonment, effort, endeavor, turning away from; renunciation; to renounce, abandon, cast off, discard [RY]

abandonment/ renunciation; to abandon/ remove/ renounce; to eliminate (e.g. 'gyu ba); to reject (e.g., sensory appearances) [RB]