spro ba

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(to feel) enthusiasm/ inspiration/ rapture; to send forth/ disperse (trans.) [RB]

proceed towards, go out for, move out towards, be happy, long for, like, love, be fond of, expand, get air, receive scent, proceed, spread, enlarge upon, more explanation, feel energy for, incline towards, delight in, rejoice at, joy, cheerfulness, uplifting, joy, happiness, to diffuse, to prefer [JV]

spro ba, spro ba, spro ba intr. v.; spro ba, spros pa, spro ba, spros trans. v.; 1) to radiate out, send forth, disperse, emanate, spread, go out, make go out, proceed, spread, project, 2) to elaborate; fabrication, elaborations, dualistic activity. 3) to be cheerful, feel enthusiasm, be delighted, rejoice, be happy, be joyful, 4) joy, happiness, delight, rapture, enthusiasm, inspiration. 5) uplifting, refreshing; elevating [RY]

rab tu spro ba - overjoyed [RY]

uplifting, delight, refreshing, emanating, willing [IW]

rejoice [IW]

to delight the mind [RY]

(Tha dad pa spros pa, spro ba, spros,; 1) [make] go out, disperse, spread, proceed, produce, emanate, project; 2) heated dried * (Tha mi dad pa rejoice be joyful * three Dga' ba joy[ful], delight[ed], gladness * enthusiasm, happy [-ness], uplifting, refreshing [IW]

to emanate [RY]