sprul pa'i gter chen mchog gyur bde chen gling pa'i rnam thar gsol 'debs

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sprul pa'i gter chen mchog gyur bde chen gling pa'i rnam thar gsol 'debs bkra shis 'khyil ba'i dbyangs snyan zhes bya ba bzhugs so

kun khyab bde chen 'od gsal chos kyi sku, 'khor 'das snying po mi shigs thig le che, dngos po kun gyi khyab bdag gdod ma'i mgon, rje btsun bla ma'i zhabs la gsol ba 'debs,

o rgyan sangs rgyas gnyis pa'i thugs kyi sras, gter 'byin grub thob rgya mtsho'i 'khor los sgyur, rnam thar bsam yas snyigs dus bstan 'gro'i mgon, mchog gyur gling pa'i zhabs la gsol ba 'debs,

gdod nas rab zhi'i bdud rtsi brnyes gyur kyang sku dang zhing khams rgya mtsho'i sprin bkod de bzo skye mchog gi sprul sku mtha' yas pa'i 'dul bzhi'i cho 'phrul ston la gsol ba 'debs,

khyad par gangs can mnga' bdag khri srong rje'i, sras kyi tshul bzung mchog gi dngos grub brnyes, sangs rgyas gling sogs rmad byung ngo mtshar ba'i, sgyu 'phrul gar brgyas rol la gsol ba 'debs,

thugs bskyed khyad 'phags snyigs ma'i 'gro la dgongs, phrin las khyad 'phags gang 'dul der mthun ston, rnam thar khyad 'phags sngon med gsang mdzod 'chang, khyad par sum ldan khyod la gsol ba 'debs,

mdo stod sa yi thig ler bsam bzhin du, skye ba bzhes nas gzhon nu'i skabs su yang ,phal pa'i yul 'das dam pa'i rnam thar sad, dad ldan spro ba bskyed la gsol ba 'debs,

bcu gsum bzhes tshe o rgyan dngos su mjal, zab gter rjes gnang bstsal nas byin gyis brlabs, lha sras thugs dam rten sogs dngos grub thob, dgongs gter klong nas brdol la gsol ba 'debs,

kar 'brug 'bri stag yab sras gtsor gyur pa'i, ris med tshad ma'i skyes chen du ma bsten, mnyes pa gsum gyis mdo sngags bdud rtsi'i bcud, thugs kyi dpal ber bskyil la gsol ba 'debs,

pad 'byung dngos snang pd+ma dbang chen dang, dpal ldan dpa' bo gtsug lag chos rgyal gyis, brda yis lung bstan don gyi brgyud pa gtad, bgegs sel dngos grub brnyes la gsol ba 'debs,

khyad par 'jam mgon mkhyen brtse'i dbang po dang, yab sras 'brel ba'i las kyi 'phro sad nas, thugs yid gcig 'dres ngo mtshar rten 'brel gyi, sgo 'phar brgya phrag phyed la gsol ba 'debs,

skye bas thob pa'i dri med ye shes spyan, drang nges chos la lkog tu ma gyur bas, mkhas dang grub par rlom kun zil gnon pa'i, mkhyen gnyis rtsal chen rdzogs la gsol ba 'debs,

sa spyod gsung gi 'khor lo la sogs par, bskyed rdzogs rdzogs chen rnal 'byor mthar phyin te, 'khrul pa zhig cing las bzhir rang dbang 'byor, grub pa'i gtsug rgyan gyur la=

dag pa'i snang ba pd+ma 'od zhing du yang yang phebs nas bla ma sku gsum dang rje 'bangs tshogs bcas bsnyen sgrub rnam bzhi mdzad dbang bskur lung bstan thob la=

rgyal ba sras bcas yi dam dpag med gzigs mkha' 'gro rnams dang tshogs kyi 'du bar rol dam can gter srung dkar phyogs skyong rnams kyis ci bcol bka' bzhin sgrub la=

bla ma skor gsum sgrub sde zhi dang khro mnyam sbyor mdo sgyu rdzogs chen sde gsum sogs sngon chad sa steng ma byon chos rten gyi nor bu'i mdzod chen phyung la=

mdo khams gnas chen nyer lnga gtso gyur pa'i gnas mchog brgya rts'i zhal ras dngos brgyud nas snang bar mdzad cing skye rgu mtha' yas pa thar pa'i kha lo sgyur la=

kar 'brug yab sras snga 'gyur bstan 'dzin mchog gangs can dpal mgon rnams kyis gtsor mdzad pa'i ris med skyes chen kun gyis zhabs la btud bla ma'i bla mar gyur la=

o rgyan rdo rje lung gis bsngags pa yi rtsa ba'i chos bdag rnam bcus thog drangs te mnga' ris dbus gtsang mdo khams mtha' dbus su zab gter phrin las spel la gsol ba 'debs,

gnas mchog rnams la rdo rje'i byin chen phab sde brgyad 'byung por bka' nan rab brjid stsal sa gnad kun tu phyi nang rten 'brel bsgrigs snyigs ma'i skal ngan bzlog la gsol ba 'debs,

thun mong thun mong min pa'i smin grol dang sgrub chen gar 'cham myong grol sbyin pa sogs phyogs med stsal ba'i skye rgu grangs med pa 'brel tshad don ldan mdzad la gsol ba 'debs,

rtag 'dzin can rnams dge la bskul ba dang don mchog rgya chen gzhan la gzigs nas kyang skal ldan snang ngor cho 'phrul du mar bcas pd+ma 'od du gshegs la gsol ba 'debs,

pd+mas yongs su khebs pa'i zhing khams su pd+m'i 'od zer rgyal ba'i sras mchog ni pd+m'i myu gu la sogs phyogs bcu na rnam 'phrul mtha' yas ston la gsol ba 'debs,

sgo gsum gus pas gsol 'debs bu rnams la sku gsung thugs kyi byin rlabs stsol ba dang skye ba kun tu 'bral med rjes bzung nas dag pa'i zhing khams mchog tu drang du gsol

byang chub sgrub pa'i 'gal rkyen kun zhi zhing gnas skabs bsam don chos bzhin 'grub pa dang rig 'dzin rnam bzhi'i go 'phang bde blag bgrod mthar thug bde chen rdo rje sems 'grub shog

zab gter bstan pa 'dzam gling kun tu khyab der 'dzin skyes mchog sku tshe bskal brgyar brtan phrin las rtag cing khyab pa'i dge legs kyi bkra shis nyi mas sa gsum snang gyur cig

ces rigs ldan mkha' 'gro'i gtso mo bde chen chos sgron gyis rten dang bcas pa'i gsung gis bskul ba dang mos ldan gzhan dag gis kyang mtshams sbyar ba la brten gter chen chos kyi rgyal po gang des gsang ba'i mdzod kyis dbug dbyung stsal pa krma ngag dbang yon tan rgya mtsho'am blo gros mtha' yas pa'i sdes gus pa chen pos bris nas gsol ba btab pa dge legs 'phel

sprul pa'i gter chen mchog gyur gling pa'i rnam thar gsol 'debs bkra shis 'khyil pa'i dbyangs snyan ldeb



All-pervading great bliss, dharmakaya of luminosity,
Essence of samsara and nirvana, indestructible great bindu,
Sovereign who encompasses all things, Original Lord,
Jetsun Lama, I supplicate at your feet.

Heart-son of the Second Buddha of Uddiyana,
Chakravartin of the ocean of accomplished treasure-revealers,
Protector of the teachings and beings of the dark age through inconceivable life examples,
Chokgyur Lingpa, I supplicate at your feet.

Manifesting an ocean cloud of kayas and realms,
Through having discovered the nectar of complete peace since the beginning,
I supplicate you who displays the magic of the four conversions,
The infinity of created, incarnated and supreme nirmanakayas.

In particular, you attained the supreme siddhi
As the son of Trisong, the ruler of the Land of Snow.
I supplicate you who displays the extensive dance of magical manifestations,
The wondrous and marvelous Sangye Lingpa and others.

Your excellent aspiration considers the beings of the dark age,
Your excellent activity manifests in accordance with those to be tamed.
Your excellent life example upholds an unprecedented treasury of secrets,
I supplicate you who are endowed with this threefold excellence.

Having consciously taken rebirth in the central place of Upper Dokham,
You awakened, while even a youth,
The sacred life example that transcends the domain of commoners.
I supplicate you who possessed faith and generated admiration.

When thirteen years of age, you met Orgyen in person
Who blessed you with empowerment of profound treasures.
You received the gift of Lhasey’s sadhana objects.
I supplicate you whose mind treasures spontaneously poured forth.

Without sectarianism, you followed numerous genuinely great beings,
Headed by the hierarchs of Karma, Drukpa, Drikung and Taklung.
I supplicate you who collected, through the threefold pleasing action;
The elixir of the nectar of sutra and mantra within the glorious knot of your heart.

Padma Wangchen, who was Padmakara in person,
And glorious Pawo Tsuklag Chögyal
Gave you directions and entrusted you with the ultimate lineage.
I supplicate you who had hindrances dispelled and attained siddhi.

Especially, you awakened the residual karmic link of father and son
With Jamgon Khyentse Wangpo.
I supplicate you who mingling your minds into one,
Opened hundreds of doors for wondrous coincidences.

For your immaculate wisdom eye, obtained by birth,
Nothing was concealed of expedient and true teachings.
I supplicate you who perfected the great power of the twofold knowledge.
That outshone everyone pretending to be learned or accomplished.

At the Terrestrial Chakra of Speech, and in other places,
You reached the final state of the practices of development, completion and great perfection.
I supplicate you who caused confusion to collapse,
Gained mastery over the four activities and became the crown ornament of siddhas.

Again and again, in pure visions you went
To the realm of Lotus Light and performed the four aspects of approach and accomplishment.
Together with the trikaya gurus and the gathering of disciples,
I supplicate you who received empowerment and prophecies.

Perceiving countless jinas with their sons and yidams,
You partook in feast gatherings with all the dakinis.
I supplicate you, for whatever you command is carried out
By pledge-holders, treasure guardians and protectors of the victorious.

You revealed the three guru cycles, peaceful and wrathful sadhanas,
The Union, Sutra, Maya, Three Sections of Dzogchen and others.
I supplicate you who opened for the great treasury of jewels,
The Dharma representations that had never before appeared on this earth.

In person, you visited one-hundred sacred places
Headed by the twenty-five major places of Dokham.
I supplicate you who illuminated them
And became the steersman to liberation for countless beings.

Headed by the Karma and Drukpa hierarchs,
The supreme doctrine-holders of the Early Translations
And the glorious protectors from the Land of Snow,
The great beings of all schools bowed at your feet.
I supplicate you who became the master of masters.

You had ten major recipients of your teachings
Extolled in the vajra predictions of Orgyen.
I supplicate you who, headed by them, spread the activity of profound treasures,
Throughout Ngari, Central Tibet, Tsang and Dokham.

Showering the great splendor of Vajra blessings in all sacred places,
You subdued the eight classes of spirits and gave them your majestic command.
I supplicate you who repelled the evil fates of the dark age,
Arranging outer and inner coincidence throughout all the important places.

You imparted the general and special ripening and freeing transmissions
And performed drubchens, dances and the gift of liberation by taste.
I supplicate you who benefited whomever you encountered,
Spreading these activities without partiality for countless beings.

You then perceived a great purpose in another realm
And the need for urging to virtue those who cling to permanence.
I supplicate you who went to the Lotus Light
Accompanied by numerous miracles as perceived by the worthy ones.

In the realm Fully Covered with Lotus Flowers
You are Padmasattva, the supreme jina son of Lotus Light Rays.
I supplicate you who displays this and infinite other emanations
Throughout the ten directions.

Bestow the blessings of your Body, Speech and Mind
Upon all the disciples who supplicate you with devoted three doors.
Accepting us throughout all our lives, without separation,
Lead us to the supreme pure realm.

Pacifying all adverse conditions for attaining enlightenment,
May, temporarily, our wishes be fulfilled in accordance with the Dharma.
Journeying with ease through the four vidyadhara levels,
May, ultimately, Vajrasattva of great bliss be accomplished.

May the teachings of profound treasures spread throughout the entire Jambu Continent.
May the life of the great beings upholding it last for one-hundred aeons.
With the goodness of permanent and all-pervasive activity,
May the sun of this auspiciousness illuminate the three worlds.

This was based on the verbal request, accompanied by gifts, made by the noble chief of dakinis, Dechen Chödrön. In combination with the requests of other devoted people, this was written with great veneration by Karma Ngawang Yönten Gyatso, alias Lodrö Thaye, someone who has been blessed with the treasure of secrets by the great treasure-reacher and king of Dharma.

May the virtuous goodness of this supplication flourish.

Translated by Erik Pema Kunsang at Nagi Gompa June 1986, while Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche was reading loud the detailed life story of Terchen Chokgyur Lingpa.

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