srin po

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bloodthirsty demon [RB]

cannibal demons, type of spirit / beings included among humans. ogre. one of the phyogs skyong bcu the ten guardians of the directions. bloodthirsty demon [RY]

gnomes, cannibal, demon, ogre, 1 of 12 kinds of yi dwags, cannibal demons, type of lha, type of spirit, raksasa, cannibal spirits, rakshas, cannibal demons corresponding to the raksasa of the Indian tradition [JV]

Rakshasas, one of the eight classes of gods and spirits (lha srin sde brgyad) [RY]

orcs and ogres [RY]

Raksha / rakshasa. 1) One of the eight classes of gods and demons. Also the cannibal savages inhabiting the southwestern continent of Chamara. At times 'raksha' refers to the unruly and untamed expression of ignorance and disturbing emotions. 2) An evil being or demon [RY]

1) rakshasa; 2) vicious demon; 3) the rakshasa lang ka mgrin bcu; 4) 9; 5) wood rabbit year [IW]

human-eating demons [RY]