srong btsan sgam po

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Songtsen Gampo. (569-650) or (617-650). The king of Tibet in the seventh century Tibetan who prepared the way for transmission of the teachings. He is regarded as an incarnation of Avalokiteshvara. He married Bhrikuti of Nepal and Wen Cheng of China who each brought a sacred statue of Buddha Shakyamuni to Lhasa. Songtsen Gampo built the first Buddhist temples in Tibet, established a code of laws based on Dharma principles, and had his minister Th�nmi Sambhota develop the Tibetan script. During his reign the translation of Buddhist texts into Tibetan began [RY]

617?-650 - Songtsen Gampo, the king who initiated the Buddhist tradition in Tibet [RY]

Songtsen Gampo [RY]

king srong btsan sgam po [IW]

king of tibet, name of a Tibetan king [JV]