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powers, ten Skt. bala; The ten powers of a tathagata: (1) knowing what is possible and what is not possible, (2) knowing the results of actions, (3) knowing the aspirations of men, (4) knowing the elements, (5) knowing the higher and lower powers of men, (6) knowing the path that leads everywhere, (7) knowing the origin of kleshas, which leads to meditation, liberation, samadhi, and equanimity, (8) knowing previous lives, (9) the knowledge of transference and death, (10) knowing that the defilements are exhausted [RY]

10 powers of a tathagata, 10 forces of buddha (bsam pa, lhag bsam, sbyor ba, shes rab, smon lam, theg pa, spyod pa, rnam 'phrul, byang chub kyi sems dpa'i, chos 'khor bskor ba), 10 powers [JV]

the 10 powers [IW]

Ten Powers. ten strengths Those powers developed by bodhisattvas are reflection bsam pa'i stobs or ashayabala. superior reflection lhag bsam or adhyasa. acquisition sbyor ba or pratipatti. discriminative awareness shes rab or prajna. aspiration smon lam or pranidhana. vehicle theg pa or yana. conduct spyod pa or carya. transformation rnam par 'phrul pa or vikurvana. enlightenment byang chub kyi sems or bodhichitta. and turning the doctrinal wheel chos kyi 'khor lo bskor ba or dharmacakrapravartana. [TRS 48-1] two types [RY]

ten strengths [RB]