stobs bcu pa

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1) 1 w 10 powers, a buddha; 2) the 10th power [IW]

1) the tenth power (the tenth of the ten powers, stobs bcu); 2) one who possesses the ten powers, the Wielder(s) of Tenfold Power, Wielder(s) of the Tenfold Power, Wielder(s) of the Ten Powers, etc. (appellation or honorific title for Buddhas, but a literal rendering here is unclear in English -- thus 'Wielder of Tenfold Power' (and other renderings of similar effect) reflects the fact that stobs bcu in this sense refers to Buddhas, who have the Ten Powers, not to the Ten Powers themselves) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]). Mahāvyutpatti: दशबलः ॥ daśabalaḥstobs bcu pa ॥ སྟོབས་བཅུ་པ་ [Erick Tsiknopoulos]