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price, apart from, sunya, void, empty-handed, new moon day, dark moon day, 30th of month, empty hold (breathing), held empty, a tribe in tibet, thousand, fine for manslaughter to be paid in money or goods to relatives of person killed, 1 of 4 original races of tibet, SA nang gi rigs bzhi, 1 of mi bu gdung drug, to be free of, 1000 [JV]

new moon; many/ /; 1) a thousand,1000. 2) to be empty, void, devoid of, the fact of emptiness 3) fine paid to relatives for manslaughter [RY]

1) 1, 000; 2) [be] empty, void, devoid of; 3) the fact of emptiness; 2) blood price in 1000's; 3) 1 of T's 1st four clans [R]; 4) empty [IW]