thog med dus nas nye bar goms pa yi

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yid bzhin rin po che'i mdzod las

thog med dus nas nye bar goms pa yi

yid mkha'i nyon mongs gdung ba zhi bya'i phyir

nor bzang rtag tu ngu bzhin chos 'tshol bas

skyo ngal spangs la dge ba'i bshes gnyen bsten (#419)

To pacify the kleshas in the space of mind,

Accustomed to their torment from beginningless time,

We should seek the Dharma, as formerly was done

by Sadaprarudita and Sudhana.

Abandoning sorrow and weariness, rely on spiritual friends. IW

The Precious Wish-fulfilling Treasury states:

To pacify the afflictions that torment the space of mind,

To which we’ve been accustomed from time immemorial,

We must seek the Dharma as Maṇibhadra and Sadāprarudita did—

Abandoning discouragement and relying upon a spiritual teacher. CJD