thog tu

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upon/ towards; (directly) in the immediacy of; exactly; amidst, upon, in, on, on top of, into, above, over, through, with, when. see also thog [RY]

upon, up, above up, up to, above, on, as long as, during, throughout, whilst, just upon, directly after, in its own state, directly, within, on top of [JV]

amidst, upon, in, on [top of], into, above, over, through, w, when, amidst [IW]

. . . thog tu - [in cases of rig pa, for example] (directly) in the immediacy of . . . ; in the immediate presence/ perception/ moment/ instant/ fact of . . . [in cases of sems + yul, for example] in direct/ immediate response to . . . [RB]