thugs bskyed

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kindness, concern [h] [IW]

1) [arouse] bodhicitta/ the wish for supreme enlightenment to benefit others; 2) Gzhi rgya che ba'i bya ba bsgrub 'dod dang, sgrub phod pa'i snying stobs bskyed pa; 3) bodhisattva; 4) kindness, concern, aspiration (/ [tse] [IW]

imbibing faith, idea dawning in the mind, kind remembrance [JV]

resolve, concern, kindness; concern, kindness; kindness, concern, aspiration, - Syn sems bskyed [RY]

1) Bodhicitta; 2) arousing/generating Bodhicitta, the arousal/generation of Bodhicitta; 3) compassionate/altruistic resolve, compassionate/altruistic motivation etc.; 4) Bodhicitta Resolve, Bodhicitta Motivation etc. (see the non-honorific form, sems bskyed) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]