thugs rje chen po

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Great Compassionate One, Mahakarunika; Avalokiteshvara; Syn spyan ras gzigs; The Lord of Great Compassion [RY]

Great Compassionate One. Also known as Avalokiteshvara [RY]

4 bonpo gods, epithet of avalokiteshvara, graceful [JV]

1) the great compassion [mtha' yas pa'i sems can thams cad la phan bde sgrub pa'i dgongs pas gdul bya'i khams la dus rtag tu gzigs shing sdug bsngal sogs las skyob par mdzad pa ste [zag med ye shes sde tsan nyer gcig gi nang gses shig] Or compassion beyond compassion and non-compasssion]; 2) Spyan ras gzigs thugs rje chen po, Avalokiteshvara, the great compassionate one [mahakarunika. the Lord of great compassion] [IW]

1) the great compassion [IW]

1) great compassion [by the intention that limitless sentient beings all be established in benefit and happiness, in the khams of those to be tamed alway gzigs and protact agsint sorrow and so forth, among the zag med ye shes sde tshan 21; 2) Avalokiteshvara. Great compassionate one, mahakarunika) [IW]

'phags pa thugs rje chen po - the noble Great Compassionate One; Avalokiteshvara [RY]

supreme innate compassion [RB]