rgyal mtshan

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Victory Banner - Courtesy: [1]


One of bkra bshis pa'i rtags brgyad; the Eight Auspicious Symbols.

standard (erected on summit of Mount Meru) 1 of 28 astrological terms for harmony of influence in the destiny of a person, standard of victory, armorial flag, banner of victory in buddhism, personal name, decoration in colors on flagstaff or pole, victory banner, victory banner. [JV]

banners. [RY]

victory banner. [R] [IW]

victory banner. [RY]

victory banner [one of the bkra bshis rtags brgyad = 8 auspicious symbols. [IW]

victory banner [pho brang dang, lha khang sogs kyi rgyan nam mchod rdzas kyi bye brag cig ... syn: mkha' yi snye ma dang, nor bu'i tog ldan, rnam par rgyal byed]. [IW]

banner of victory, the victory banner, one of the bkra bshis rtags brgyad - eight auspicious symbols. [RY]