zhen pa

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zhen pa (p.t.), zhen pa(pr.t.), zhen pa(fut.t.) - intr. v.; craving, attachment; to become attached; to cling to; to fixate/ seize (upon); to cling, to hold or cling tenaciously, to desire, insistence, conviction, clinging. [RY]

to fixate/ seize (on)/ cling to; fixation/ attraction; obsession. [RB]

to conceive, conceiving. [ggd] [RY]

obsessive habituation, addiction, attachment, bent on, take as a concrete reality, to be attached, to craving, desire, long for, be attached to, have attraction for, yearning, love, longing for, greediness, covetousness, to last, endure, be durable, to become attached, to cling to. [JV]

craving; to desire, conviction. [RY]

attachment, conception. [thd]

1) (tha mi dad pa) joy in, desire for, attachment to, appetite, insistence, conviction, clinging [IW]