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1) effect/result/fruit[ion]; 2) hostility; 3) rice/grain; 4) cancer/lesions)/ [<salu> rice synonyms: gra ma med pa, dung gi mu tig pa da, 'bru dkar. pox, lesions, cancer: 'gram 'khrugs dang unripened food kyis spreading bad blood. Having been concentrated by wind, like the fruit of the bi da ra yi tree, becoming stiff and solid in spontaneously arising lesions] [IW]

1) see 'bras bu. 2) rice. 3) fruit. 4) grain. 5) see 'bras nad cancer [RY]

cooked rice, paddy, rice, pupils of the eyes [JV]

1) effect/ result/ fruit[ion]; 2) hostility; 3) rice/ grain; 4) cancer/ lesions, boil-like black circles [IW]