'gog pa'i bden pa

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the truth of cessation [IW]

the truth of cessation; truth of cessation (of suffering). Def. Jamg�n Kongtr�l: [[chos mngon pa las/ 'gog pa'i bden pa gang zhe na/ mtshan nyid dang/ zab pa dang/ brda dang/ don dam pa dang/ yongs su ma rdzogs pa dang/ yongs su rdzogs pa dang/ rgyan med pa dang/ rgyan dang bcas pa dang/ lhag ma dang bcas pa dang/ lhag ma med pa dang/ khyad par 'phags pa dang/ rnam grangs kyis kyang 'gog pa'i bden pa bstan par rig par bya]] [RY]

truth of cessation (of suffering) [RB]

the truth of cessation [1of the four noble truths [R] [IW]

the truth of cessation [one of the four noble truths, rang rgyu lam la brten nas that which is to be abandoned, the source of suffering karma and the kleshas is made never to arise te spangs pa. As for the cessation that cuts the continuity of the cause and fruition of samsara. That which is to be attained is like health without sickness. Since one is not deceived about the viewpoint of the noble ones, that is the noble truth of cessation.] [IW]