'jal ba

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fathom, estimate [RY]

ppafi: 'jal ba, bcal ba, gzhal ba, 'jol tha dad pa (trans. v): to weigh, to pay; to compare/ evaluate/ weigh/ fathom; to measure, to appraise, to tax. II) 1) tshad dpog pa. | mang nyung 'bo la 'jal ba. ring thung 'dom la gzhal. sa bab kyi tshad 'jal ba. thigs pas rgya mtsho 'jal ba dka']]. 2). dpyod pa dang rtogs pa. | tshad ma'i blos shes bya 'jal ba. bzhung don blos 'jal. dngos su gzhal mi thub pa med. 3) lan slog pa. | dngul bun gstang mar 'jal. ma skyed gnyis ka ma bcal ba. bzang lan ngag 'jal. chang lan chu 'jal. khrag bun khrag gis gzhal dgos. 4) skyel ba dang sprod pa. dpya khra gzhal ba. [RY]

to determine/ assess/ compare/ evaluate/ weigh/ fathom [RB]

encounter, weigh, disburse, measure, appraise, tax, ponder, pay, repay, to examine [JV]

1) measure, weigh; 2) examine and analyze; 3) return; 4) appraise/ tax [IW]