'jig rten gyi khams

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Mipham: [[gling bzhi ri rab 'dod lha drug tshangs pa'i 'jig rten dang bcas pa la gling bzhi pa'i 'jig rten gyi khams zhes bya la, de stong la dang po spyi phud stong gi 'jig rten zhes bya'o, de stong la bar ma'i stong gi 'jig rten gyi khams dang, de stong la stong gsum gyi stong chen po'i 'jig rten zhes bya ste, de na gling bzhi pa'i 'jig rten bye ba phrag brgya ste ther 'bum re yod pa de ni mchog gi sprul sku gcig gi 'dul zhing ngo]] The four continents, Mount Sumeru, the [abodes of the] six desire gods, along with the Abode of Brahma, are called a Four Continent World System. One thousand of these are called a First Order Thousandfold World System. One thousand such world systems are called an Intermediate Thousandfold World System. One thousand of these world systems are called a Great Billionfold World System that contains one billion Four Continent Worlds, and it is the domain of influence of a single supreme nirmanakaya. [RY]

world system [JV]

world realm [the world of the four continents, sun and moon (loka-dha_tu] [IW]

world realm [IW]

realms of world, world sphere [RY]

World-system. A universe comprised of Mount Sumeru, four continents and eight sub-continents [RY]