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threatening rob, run away with, deprive of, appropriate, embezzle, to steal, plunder, take away by force [JV]

deprive, ebb; plunder, ravish away, to rob, snatch, take by force, ravish away, pinch, steal, be stolen away [RY]

1) ravish, plunder, take by force, snatch, pinch, steal, be stolen, rob, loot; 2) diminish, subtract [IW]

1) to snatch (away), steal, ravish, plunder, rob, loot, ravish; 2) to captivate, ensnare, enthrall, charm, enchant, bewitch, fascinate, beguile, entrance, enrapture, attract, allure, lure, win over, dazzle, engross, rivet, hypnotize, mesmerize, spellbind, infatuate, enamor, seduce [Erick Tsiknopoulos)