'tsher ba

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to be annoyed, vexed [RY]

1) call cry neigh; 2) blaze, shine, be brilliant, radiate; 3) shy in fear, be apprehensive; 4) [arch] timid, shying away; 5) quake (quicksilver; 6) be lazy, be weary of [IW]

neigh, grieve, shine, glitter, apprehensive, quake, lazy, be weary of, brilliant [JV]

to radiate; 'tsher ba, 'tsher ba, 'tsher ba intr. v.; 1) to shine, brilliant, dazzling bltar mi thub pa. 2) apprehensive. 3) quake [like quicksilver]. 4) lazy, weary of.5) to neigh, fear; apprehensive, quake, to neigh; fear, [sorrow] [RY]