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bka' thang sde lnga

terma by o rgyan gling pa (b. 1323); contains: lha 'dre bka'i thang yig, rgyal po bka'i thang yig, btsun mo bka'i thang yig, lo pan bka'i thang yig, blon po bka'i thang yig. RY

the Five Chronicles revealed by Orgyen Lingpa about: 1) rgyal po. 2) btsun mo. 3) blon po. 4) lo pan. 5) lha 'dre. RY

The five chronicles revealed by Orgyen Lingpa about: kings, queens, ministers, scholars and translators, gods and demons rgyal po btsun mo blon po, lo pan, lha 'dre. IW

Five Chronicles. RY