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the radiating one [4th spiritual level/ bhumi] [RB]

the flaming one, radiant stage, (level 4), bright, shine, illuminate, lighten, radiate [JV]

1) the Flaming/ radiant 1 (4th bhumi; 2) be radiant, emitting light [IW]

radiating (4th bhumi); 1) the Flaming One. [Fourth bhumi]. 2) to shine, glow, illuminate, Brilliant, glitter, be radiant, emitting light, effulgent [RY]

1) the Flaming/ radiant 1 (4th bhumi); 2) be radiant, emitting light)/ [shine, glow, illuminate, glitter, effulgent, brilliant] [IW]

Brilliant. The fourth of the ten bodhisattva bhumis [RY]