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'''Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyeltsen'''(1182 - 1251) ([[sa skya paNDi ta kun dga' rgyal mtshan]])
See also [[Lineages]]
One of the [[Five Superiors of the Sakya Tradition]]. He is also known by the shorter names of '''Sakya Pandita''' and '''Sapan'''.
[[Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyeltsen|Sakya Pandita]] was the son of Panden Odpo, and [[Jetsun Drakpa Gyeltsen]]'s nephew. He spoke [[Sanskrit]] fluently as a small child. [[Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyeltsen|Sakya Pandita]] received teachings from many Indian and Tibetan masters, including [[Jetsun Drakpa Gyeltsen]] himself, and became a highly accomplished master, hence he received the title of [[Pandita]].
He was a very profilic writer and composed many important treatises, including texts on [[Buddhist Logic]], [[Vinaya]] and [[Vajrayana]].
===Literary Works===
*[[The Writings of Sakya Pandita]]<br>
===Main Teachers===
*[[Fill in the blanks]]<br>
===Main Students===
*[[Fill in the blanks]]<br>
===Main Lineages===
*[[Fill in the blanks]]<br>
===Alternate Names===
*[[Sakya Pandita]]
===Other Reference Sources===
*[[Fill in the blanks]]<br>
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===External Links===
*[http://www.tbrc.org/cgi-bin/tbrcdatx?do=so&resource=P1056 Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center Listing] of works by Sakya Pandita
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